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BUND Leipzig

Our activities in Leipzig

Our projects and our range of topics are various:

  • Environmentally-relevant public relations (for example regarding the conservation of the alluvial forest in Leipzig and the observance of the local clean air programme)
  • Practical nature protection as well as the species conservation and biodiversity (we are committed to protecting endangered species through e.g. sponsorhips for local waters, cultivation of the meadow orchards or our "various-species-garden" VAGaBUND)
  • Climate and energy (we support renewable energies and energy transition, phase-out of nuclear as well as coal power)
  • Traffic (we encourage to the limitation of the impact by the airport Leipzig and the implemenation of a sustainable transportation concept for the city)
  • Agriculture (ecological agriculture and healthy food)
  • Written Statements as a body responisble for public affairs
  • Cooperations in local alliances
  • Environmental education for young adults (BUNDjugend), adults and children (our kids groups

Working groups

The working fields of BUND are wide-ranged. Therefore, we are organized in working groups where members with special interests and know-how can meet and exchange their experiences as well as their ideas. If you decide to join a special group, please do not hesitate to contact us. This list also shows you the content of our themes and projects.

Currently active working groups: