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Current projects

Besides our permanent working groups, the BUND Leipzig has currently different third-party funded projects where you can also get active in different ways.

VielFalterGarten Project

Vortrag im Vielfaltergarten, Teilnehmende sitzen auf Boden VielFalterGarten (Foto: Louis Avrey)

In the project of the ‘VielFalterGarten’ we, that is the BUND Leipzig , along with the UFZ, the iDiv and the City of Leipzig and the population of Leipzig, want to study and protect the butterflies of the city of Leipzig. Through our educational workshops and other activities, we want to impart knowledge about butterflies and their habitats to all Leipzigers and at the same time encourage them to design urban green spaces and city gardens in such a way as to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. This can only be done with volunteers who are interested in learning about, observing and counting butterflies. In addition to observations and counts, conservation measures in our own gardens, community gardens or other green spaces are important, because only in this way can we create new habitats for all developmental stages of butterflies and attract rarer species back to urban areas. By implementing conservation measures, people can experience their results and successes in butterfly conservation directly in their own environment.

We, as BUND Leipzig, want to establish a network of private individuals, associations, city gardens, allotment gardens, schools and municipal authorities. Together we want to spread seeds, maintain project areas and count butterflies. In doing so, we actively contribute to the conservation and expansion of urban habitats for butterflies and help improve knowledge and future conservation through data collection.

Here you can get an insight into the app, which we use for the counts. If you don't have a smartphone, you can also enter butterfly sightings into recording sheets.

Do you want to protect butterflies with us? Then register yourself and if necessary your garden HERE. The project is limited to the city of Leipzig.

Visit vielfaltergarten.de and find out what your garden needs and how you can observe and count butterflies.

Interested people and volunteers: Please contact us at vielfaltergarten(at)bund-leipzig.de

How to communicate with us?

Please note: In the daily work and activities of our projects, we normally use German as our main language. But most of us also speak English or other languages. Even if you’ve just started or are still learning German, please do not hesitate to contact us and participate in our activites. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Contact person

Anna Bochmann

Project coordinator
vielfaltergarten(at)bund-leipzig.de E-Mail schreiben Tel.: 0341-98991050

Sufficient Gastronomy

Drei Menschen stehen vor einem Messestand und schauen in Richtung Kamera.  (Agnes Reuter)

Following the successful completion of the "Recycling2Go" project, BUND Leipzig started the follow-up project "Sufficient gastronomy in Leipzig" in May 2020. After the successful establishment of the RECUP (reusable cups), the sustainable transformation of Leipzig's gastronomy continues.

The new project tests and analyzes measures for avoiding packaging waste and food waste in Leipzig's gastronomy. In doing so, it is also important to us that the measures, if possible, have low financial and organizational costs.

We want to create a place where innovative and sustainable alternatives as well as their advantages and problems in implementation can be discussed and impulses from the gastronomy can be passed on directly to the city. The goal is to maintain and expand the network already established within the "Recycling2Go" project, so that restaurant owners and other gastronomers, the actors of civil society as well as the city of Leipzig are provided with a platform to get in contact and exchange ideas more easily.


Interested restaurant owners and other gastronomers are cordially invited to get in touch with the project manager Mirko Schimmelschmidt.

Here you find more information of the project.

Contact person

Mirko Schimmelschmidt

Project Coordination
gastronomie(at)bund-leipzig.de E-Mail schreiben Tel.: 0341 / 98991050

Urban Gardening

Hochbeete  (Jana Burmeister)

Urban gardening includes various forms of gardening in the urban areas, all of which have one thing in common: participation and a sense of community.

BUND Leipzig operates two community gardens in various stages of development. In the west of Leipzig our community garden Grünau is being developed and in the Lene Voigt Park you will find the "many species garden" of the local group East, the VAGaBUND Lene (VAGaBUND: Viele-Arten-Garten - many species garden). Unfortunately, we had to vacate the area of our third garden VAGaBUND Connewitz in 2018.

In the gardens, the focus is not only on the yield, but also on the socio-cultural use of the former fallow land as open places for our group meetings or for events.

Are you intereseted not just in learning about gardening, but also looking for an oportunity where you can contibute in the shaping of green urban spaces? Contact us and come to one of our meetings!



Where to find our community gardens?

Check the map with all our important places in Leipzig.

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