BUND Leipzig

Strengthen our financial and political independence!

We at BUND Leipzig are committed to grassroots democracy in our city for the common good and the protection of all our livelihoods. We work with over 100 volunteers in 17 working groups, two children's groups, a local group and our BUNDjugend. We have many projects in town, such as two community gardens, a meadow orchard, three stream management projects and four donation boxes.

We have achieved a lot in the last few years. Our involvement is becoming more varied and extensive. We see what is possible and what is needed, and we are motivated and determined to do it. For this we need your support!

The office team, with many national volunteers, but also our self-financed management, are central to coordinating our activities. In order to continue to steer our growing activities in a successful direction, we need full-time support for our office. And that is exactly why we have our sponsors.

With a sponsorship, you support us with a contribution of your choice for as long as you wish. The money will be used 100% here in Leipzig.

Fortunately, the number of sponsors is growing all the time. Help us and be part of it, because time is running out to protect the climate and nature. Please support us with your sponsorship - now!