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What is BUND?

BUND is a German NGO that works on a national level for nature conservation and environmental protection

About us

BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland,  German Association for Environment and Nature Conservation) is a non-profit, non-partisan and secular  grassroots NGO with more than 650,000 members and supporters. Donations and membership fees make up almost 80% of BUND’s income and ensure its political independence.

BUND was founded in 1975. Since its foundation, BUND members have been working voluntarily in local and regional groups in the service of nature because today, as in the past, there are many reasons to get involved in nature conservation and environmental protection. We plant hedges, create ponds, look after nature reserves and fight for the preservation of valuable areas. In this way, the landscape around us becomes more varied, diverse and colourful.

Environmental policy and Key Topics

There is much to be done to protect nature and the environment. In order to make an effective contribution to the preservation of our natural environment, BUND is currently focusing on climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity

Above all, BUND is concerned with how we want to live in the future. We're committed to the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly policies. One that ensures a fair existence for future generations: regionally, nationally and globally - especially for those in the global south who are currently most affected by climate change.

Our commitment to promoting the use of renewable energy, banning the production of genetically modified food and feed, and reducing the amount of toxic chemicals in everyday life is always based on concrete alternatives and solutions.

Addressing the environmental issues of the future requires the development of integrated policies:

  • Transport policy must be linked to regional planning policy (because the construction of shopping centers in non-urban areas leads to a increased traffic in these areas).
  • Landscape policy must also be nature conservation policy, considering the well-being of people, soils, plants and animals.
  • Chemicals policy must ensure that our health and the environment take priority over the industry’s concern for profits.

BUND Germany

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BUND responds at national and international levels, in close cooperation with its partners in the Friends of the Earth network.

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