BUND Leipzig

The BUND Leipzig

The BUND Leipzig lives on the work of dedicated volunteers who share their ideas and give their time to develop a more sustainable and more environment-friendly city. What they all have in common is their motivation and concern for nature, environment protection, and the climate crisis.

Our volunteers are organized into working groups focusing on different topics, each of them represented by a spokesperson and their deputy. Since we are a grassroots democratic organization, our chairman and the whole board are elected every two years by the members of the regional group.

Our office team supports and facilitates in operating and planning our various projects, initiatives, and events.

How to communicate with us?

Please note: some, but not all of us, speak English. Some also speak French and/or another language - and of course, German. Even if you’ve just started or are still learning German, please do not hesitate to contact us. We follow the principle: Communication is more than language. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

How to get involved

The diversity and creativity of the people determine the association and the BUND lives from it.

Become active with like-minded people for nature and the environment on your doorstep! Make new experiences with each other and educate yourself! Contribute your knowledge and experience! Get involved for a limited amount of time – you decide how much!

This is how you can get involved with us:

  1. Support and develop our working groups.
  2. Volunteer in the local group next door.
  3. Stay in contact and participate.
  4. Rediscover topics and projects for us.

Get active and contact us here !

You aren't sure yet and want to talk to us first, get to know us? Before each board meeting, we offer an informal gathering to get to know each other personally. Just get in contact with us.

Meet us - Kennlerntreffen